New Beginnings

As a disclaimer, I am not a Domestic Goddess. None of my crafts turn out exactly as planned and laundry seems to pile up on me quickly. I've never been one to have dinner on the perfectly set table or a beautiful garden to tend to. Until recently, I was an average career woman who woke up, went to work, and by the time I got home just wanted to relax and have fun. Fashion, make up and city living was for me. Not cleaning, organizing and worrying about my home.

After some soul searching, I found that I long to have the best of both worlds. Is it possible to still be a trend-setting, city diva and domestic goddess? Well that is my new plan. With a stay at home job that I am in control of, 2 dogs, a wonderful boyfriend and a great house to play with - I will make it happen.

I look forward to sharing my successes (and some of my failures) as I take this step into the unknown. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, crafts, cooking, laundry, fashion, cosmetics, celebrity gossip... nothing is off limits here.

So grab a cup of coffee and follow my journey from Diva to Domestic...


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