Wedding Music

I have a lot to say today folks! I guess as the wedding gets closer there are so many details to work out and it helps my thoughts to share everything with all of you!

One of the hardest parts of my wedding day is picking the soundtrack. I wanted that perfect mix of sweet and romantic and fun. A decision I made early on was that I did not want "traditional" wedding songs played during the ceremony. Don't get me wrong: Canon in D, The Bridal March, Ave Maria, and the Butterfly Waltz are all beautiful songs but they just aren't... me.

So, I set out to find the perfect music. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. Mr. K and I love music... but we primarily enjoy different types of music. It seemed like everytime we sat down to try to figure this music thing out - we ended up in an argument. Eventually, Mr. K gave up trying. It was just too frusterating for us to try and do together. So this was one project I had to do on my own.

After agonizing for the past few months, I think I have made my final selections. We are actually having a pianist and so all songs will be done on the piano. I downloaded piano versions and listened to them to make sure they flowed nicely. And then I got approval from FH! I am now just waiting to hear back from the pianist to make sure she can do them!

For the seating of the Grandmothers/Mothers:

For the Processional (Bridesmaids, MOH, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer):

And lastly... My Song! This is not the original "Yellow" but a cover done by Jem and it is so Beautiful!:

There were lots of close contenders that made it so difficult for me to choose from. Here are are a few of them:

Piano Version of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars

For the longest time... I wanted Bittersweet Symphony for the Processional:

Only Hope by Switchfoot. (The Mandy Moore version is beautiful too!):

So what do you think of my final choices? Are you using traditional music for your ceremony or are you thinking outside of the box? I would love to hear your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

I went to a wedding that had both falling slowly and chasing cars! I believe they were the Vitamin String Quartet versions. But, that version of Yellow is just beautiful! Great choice! I love love love unconventional music.

September 7, 2011 at 6:15 PM

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