Bridesmaids Gifts Continued...

I have been packing everything up to get ready to go to my home state for the wedding. I will be getting there 2 weeks early so that I can finalize a bunch of things before the Big Day. However, my efficient packing system has cause me to forget to take lots of pictures of all of my projects! Such as... the Bridesmaid's jewelry. It is beautiful! And, of course, oh so sparkly. I wanted to wrap them in a special way to took ivory paper embossed a "Thank You" note on each package. I then wrapped with a pretty satin pink bow. I then stuck each one in the girls' goody bags!

I bought each of these organizing utility totes from Thirty One Gifts. They had SO many neat bags but thought that these totes would be great to use for a variety of purposes.

I love to hear other people's gift ideas. What did you get your bridesmaids?




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