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As a proud member of Smitten Soiree, I have the opportunity to come across some of the most talented artists I have ever met.  Meet Nicole (Nic) from Nic's Button Buds.  I fell in love with her unique twist on traditional wedding bouquets and, of course, had to share her bouquets with you!


Gorgeous colors!

For the whole bridal party!!!! What a great souvenir for your ladies to keep after the wedding!

I love pink.  Light pink, hot pink, neon pink, baby pink, blush pink... it doesn't matter to me!
Aren't they positively drool worthy? *Sigh* Well... Of course I had to ask her how she got started making these beautiful pieces of art.  I also wanted to find out: why a button or broach bouquet instead of a traditional arrangement?

How did you get started making your bouquets?
I got married in the country where I grew up (Marysville) and with no nearby florist, I didn’t want to have to organize on my wedding day for someone to do a 1 ½ hour round trip to a florist so started looking at alternatives.  I found that decent quality fake flowers weren’t in my budget (with fresh I was just going to go with something bright, cheap and in season)  So I stumbled across loads of alternative bouquets on the internet that being a craft person and having a DIY wedding really appealed to me.  I loved the way  could express my personality and that of my Bridesmaids through the bouquets.  I will admit I spent double the amount on buttons than I had budgeted on fresh flowers BUT I had something unique that really represented me!  After making mine I made a few for fun for others before things really just snowballed to where I am now.  Aside from the button bouquets I am also now making brooch bouquets, button and brooch accessories and hand painted fingerprint tree canvasses (another DIY project I had at my own wedding).

Playing devil’s advocate – why get a button bouquet as opposed to a more traditional bouquet?   
I actually really love and admire beautiful fresh flowers, I wish my husband bought them home a little often (or at all…. Lol) – but the fact is they aren’t for everyone.  Reasons brides look for an alternative bouquet really do vary – some have allergies to flowers and have not developed a connection with any particular flower so like the idea of the bouquets being unique, some brides enjoy the way they can customize and incorporate personalities.  They are great for destination weddings and also for brides like myself who’s weddings are not located near a florist.  The biggest reason if people just want something a little left of centre that they can keep for ever.

I can just picture her telling me this in her cute Australian accent.  I love Australian accents - but I guess that's not the point.  Isn't she adorable? Can I keep her?  Maybe stick her in my basement with a bunch of brooches and buttons and force her to make me a bunch of bouquets? 3 for every room in my house? :)

If you're like me and totally feel like you need one of these, here's where you can find her:
Etsy Store
Website: My Button Bouquet

Okay, okay... just one more:



Nicole Answer said...

Thanks so much Tara - i cant wait to collaborate with you soon xxxx

February 10, 2012 at 4:28 PM
Cameron Meerdink said...

Love these, too! So much more fun that plain old flowers :)

February 10, 2012 at 11:36 PM

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