Who Are We?

It has crossed my mind lately that... You need to know who "we" are! I mean - you already know we are fabulous, fun & creative - but really, who is "we", what makes us tick and how in the world we survive our busy weeks! ?

Up until now, you have mostly heard from me, Tara, proud owner & designer of Diva Gone Domestic. Or, affectionately (I think) called Head Diva around here in the studio. I have a love affair with gorgeous clothes, fabulous parties, paper & diet coke. Unfortunately, I have found, on more than one occasion that paper & Diet Coke don't mix, but they try to get along because they both know that without either ... I wouldn't make it through my day. I love the Hollywood Regency style, animal print, the color pink and anything that sparkles. (Diamonds or glitter... I'm like a kid... Ohhhhh Shiny!) Sometimes I think I am the luckiest woman in the world because last year I married the love of my life, Mr. K., who is SO supportive, even if his man cave has been taken over by glitter & rhinestones... along with the rest of our home! We have 2 amazing dogs (did I mention I am an animal lover?)... and okay - actually we have one amazing dog and one kind of bossy one. Which brings me to the next member of DGD -

Porthos: Porthos is an adorable, loveable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... unless it is during the work week. He is the first one waiting at the studio door everyday to get in. I call him our Quality Control & Human Resource Specialist (AKA Doggy Diva). He has a special spot in the studio and tends to get a little cranky if his area is filled with packages or if his bed isn't made and pillow isn't fluffed. Yeah - it's funny - until you have to work with him! If I leave the studio for too long, he starts herding me back towards it by barking and dancing in circles. He makes sure I'm working hard and being productive... and then promptly takes a nap for the afternoon. But trust me - there is no sneaking out of the studio with this one around!

And really... We should change our name to DivaS Gone Domestic because, quite honestly, we wouldn't be "we" without our fabulous Studio Manager & Creative Consultant Diva.  Trust me, if you are looking for something specific... this is the gal to talk to.  Christine is a Diva of many hats, and unlike most of us... she wears them well!  Christine is a busy lady between keeping 4 kids in line (well... 5 if you count her husband!).  When she's not busy running the show in her household, talking to our clients about every detail possible and making sure that I keep my eyes off of shiny objects - she likes to release her inner Martha Stewart and visits Pinterest for inspiration. (*sigh* Don't we all?)  This little lady is super motivated, has endless energy and quite honestly, talking to her about what she's up to... makes me want to take a nap for her!  Regardless, she's pretty amazing and Diva Gone Domestic is incredibly lucky to have her around and our clients are in love with her!  Seriously. She's that awesome.

Diva Gone Domestic has an "open-door policy" - we WANT to hear from our clients, friends & fans! Need to contact us? Email us!

Tara's Email: Diva (at!) divagonedomestic.com
Christine's Email: Christine (at!) divagonedomestic.com
Porthos' Email: Porthos (at!) divagonedomestic.com He demanded an email address - just in case someone wanted to say hi!


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