COMING SOON! ... Can you believe we have ANOTHER surprise!?

I just couldn't wait to spill the beans! I told you that we had BIG plans for 2013! Between launching our new sister site, rolling out amazing collections, rebranding Diva Gone Domestic... I don't know how to take all of the excitement... Well - there's more. I can't tell you everything... not yet anyway!

But that doesn't mean I have to keep EVERYTHING a secret, right?!  Well... here it is!

Over the past few months, quite a few of our clients have had trouble getting all of their information to their guests... I mean after all - an invitation is only so big! We always suggest that couples start a wedding website so that they can get information to their guests such as wedding events, accommodations, things to do, registry information, photos, etc.  Most of our brides take our suggestions and in the end, thank us for it.

One of the most frustrating thing about wedding websites is the "templates" they have. You have a choice of 5 colors and if that's not one of your colors ... too bad! Well, DGD believes in building excitement and anticipation for your wedding! And that's why we decided to offer custom built wedding blogs & websites! *Gasp!* *Applause* *Loud Cheers!*

Not only can we build something from scratch just for you, we also are going to have matching blog templates to match our invitation collections! Amazing right? So... basically here's what happens.

1) You LOVE our Charlotte collection and decide that you are going to order your invitations from us.

2) You realize that most of your friends and family are across the country and have no idea what to do, where to eat, sleep & shop... plus you want them to know that you have a day after brunch planned.  And then there's the fact that your best friend, Suzie and your favorite Great Aunt Millie have never met Robert before... It would be nice to give a little bit of an introduction.  You need a wedding website!

3) Then you remember how awesome Diva Gone Domestic is. Wait a minute! They have a Charlotte template that matches my invitations perfectly!  You contact us and TADA!

4) We walk you through the steps to set up your wedding website!

Over the next couple of months we will be building the templates for both blogger & wordpress that coordinate with our collections - but if you simply can't wait... contact us and we can get started right away!



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