DIY Wedding - To Do or Not To Do... That is the question!

As I continue my "wedding research" I have fallen in love with so many DIY projects that I have seen! All of you brides out there have many creative and fun ideas! I keep telling myself that I shouldn't start too many projects... but you all are making it SO hard not to be inspired! With the wedding less than 8 months away - I have decided this...

I am only planning on getting married once. This is the only chance I have in my entire life to create things exactly how I want them and have a roomful of people appreciate my vision. I do not want to look back at my wedding day and think "I really wanted to do this... but I didn't/ran out of time/couldn't figure it out/was lazy/etc."

So... even though I was not originally going for a DIY wedding - I think it may end up that way! Here are just a couple ideas that have inspired me!

1) Rhinestone Shoes... Oh how I love thee. This is one of the few projects that I actually think is worth the time and money it will save me. Before I even picked out my dress I had my shoes picked out. They were beautiful Benjamin Adams "Gaga". Well - $375 seems a bit steep but if you know me (and my love for shoes) I was willing to pull out the cash. Luckily, I happened across this picture:

Apparently Miss Eye Candy has a LOT of time and patience (not to mention a steady hand!)... and it was just what I needed to take the plunge! So after reading her comments I found out that she got her stones for a fabulous price (Under $20 for 10,000 stones!) and the shoes were on sale too! So, I happily hightailed it over to The Crafts and ordered my stones. Now... If I only had the shoes.

During my search for the perfect shoe to "strass" (which is apparently what you call spending over 40 hours gluing tiny rhinestones on shoes) I found this AMAZING blog: Redo My Shoe. This amazingly talented man takes the king of all shoes: Christian Louboutin and adds swarovski crystals to create what I could only call art! I spent my entire evening DROOLING over his beautiful creations! The love he has for his shoes bring tears to my eyes. Here are a few for you to admire:

But... back to reality. I may be hitting up the craft store tomorrow to get some rhinestones while I wait for my large batch to come in. I mean, I have to practice right? I have already dug out the perfect pair to practice on. Baby blue, suede peep toes! You all will certainly get an up close and personal look once I get started!

2) On the subject of Rhinestones - Love the look of Crystal Monogram Cake Toppers. But - I am NOT a fan of the price. The Nubian Bride said it all! I couldn't agree more. SO - As you all guessed- I scurried over to and saved it to my "favorites". I have not ordered it yet but that's only because I haven't decided on my "official monogram". But I will be ordering as soon as I decide on the font I would like everything to be.

I have already made my bubble tags, Tears of Joy packets and some "back up" Thank You Cards. I guess I can officially call myself a DIY bride!

Until Next Time!...............


Beth said...

Those green ones are to die for! I may have to pick up some rhinestones and give some of my shoes a makeover!

March 4, 2011 at 12:13 AM

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