It's A Digital World!

There are so many fabulous crafts out there. I have what most people call Craft ADD. I can never stick to just one craft or art. I love them all. When walking into a craft store or viewing online stores my eyes widen and my mouth starts to water. "What am I going to do today?" I ask myself. Lately, I have found myself engrossed in the digital world of art/crafting. With bottle cap necklaces and scrabble tile pendants being so popular I decided to help those create their one of a kind pieces of wearable art. I have started making digital files! I love it. I spend hours picking the perfect pictures, colors and fonts to create these and then I make sure that they are the best quality possible for print. Now, why you ask, don't I just make the pendants myself and sell them? Well ladies & gentlemen, I could but then it would take my time away from all of the other projects that I want to try out! Plus, making digital art is SO much fun! Here are some samples of work that can be found in my etsy shop!

How do you make bottle caps? Well Etsy seller indieowlcreations has a wonderful quick tutorial for you to get the basic idea. Plus she sells bottle cap supplies for you to try it out!

Interested in scrabble tile pendants? Then purchase this tutorial from apinkpiggy. She also has all of the supplied needed in her store.

Other uses for these digital pieces? Print them and cut them out for tags, scrapbooking and other paper crafts. The great thing about digital art is that once you've purchased it... you can print it over and over!


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