Bridesmaids Gifts... Strassing Flip Flops

One of the first things I started thinking about once I got engaged was what I was going to do for those special ladies in my life! I decided early on that I was going to have a bag full of goodies for the girls. So.... I ordered these totes in black from 31 Gifts. I had each of the girls letters embroidered on them for a personal touch. I figured that after the wedding, it can be used for crafts, cleaning supplies, mini diaper bag, cosmetic tote... whatever strikes their fancy!

Today, I decided it was time to start filling the tote with all of my handmade goodies. First up, flip flops for the reception. Now, later on I will tell you all about my flip flop basket for all of my "lady" guests. But, these ladies need stand out flip flops for getting down during the evening! I bought each of them a pair from Old Navy and then individually strassed each pair. I made a special pair for my Matron of Honor in pink. These were harder than I anticipated. After doing hundreds of cake toppers for brides, I thought this would be a piece of cake. It was not. The rhinestones kept moving around and sliding off so I had to put a line of GemTac glue on, wait for it to dry a bit and then put the rhinestones on. The whole project took me about 6 hours for 6 pairs of flip flops.

So - Item #1 is completed! YAY for strassing flip flops for my girls! I hope they love them. As I finish other gifts... I will be sure to post them!




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