Quick Rant... Wedding Vendors.

Let me start off by saying: I'm not a stingy bride. I have not cut corners on cost when it comes to the comfort and enjoyment of my guests. I have hired professional vendors for everything. We have a fabulous photographer, DJ, caterer, bartenders, wedding coordinator, venue, etc. Now I don't claim to know everything about weddings so that is where my fabulous wedding coordinator comes in...

During our last meeting she mentioned how we need to have a meal planned for each of our vendors. No problem! We are having a buffet style and I figured we would have an additional table in the back for the vendors to be able to sit and have a quick bite to eat. After all, I want everyone to do their best performance for my wedding!

So today... I was filling out some information for my photographer. At the very end of the questionairre it said "You must provide 3 meals for your photographer the day of the wedding. Otherwise, a $100 fee will be charged for each missed meal." Seriously?! I don't even get to eat 3 meals on my wedding day... and it's MY day!!! So does this mean that I have to run to my photographer with a plate of eggs and bacon in the morning and make sure before the ceremony we drive through the drive through at McDonald's to get a happy meal? Now let me be clear... I am in LOVE with my photographer. I love my photographer so much that I am paying quadruple (literally) of what my budget was supposed to be. But for that kind of money, I feel like they can buy their own happy meal at lunch... and pack a box of granola bars if they get hungry!

I understand providing a meal for the vendors... after all they can't leave at dinner time. They have a busy day. But to provide multiple meals for my vendors seems a little extreme... especially when I don't even have meals planned for myself!

Thanks for listening. Pulling myself together now.


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