So many diets... so little time!

After a summer of grilling chicken and eating broccoli... and then having ice cream for dessert, I have decided that with 45 days to go until the wedding it is time for extreme measures to aid my weight loss. I have not gained any weight this summer - but I certainly haven't lost any.

Now before I continue, let me say this:
I love your comments. I love your concerns. Suggestions are always welcome. But on this... I don't want critism. Just support.

Okay disclaimer aside. I weight 160 pounds. I am 5'4''. My goal in 45 days? 25 pounds. I can do it. I just know I can. I will work out harder. Use small portion control and focus, focus, focus. Of course, I would love to stay at my goal wedding weight of 135 but I am thinking of this as a diet, not a lifestyle change. I don't plan on doing this forever.

I thought about kicking off this venture with a 3 day juice detox. The problem is "googling" weight loss is just not a good idea. I quickly became overwhelmed and confused. So, I am heading to the book store to read up on some fast weight loss ideas.

Here's what I promise to you during this 45 -day weight loss journey: I won't lie to you. I will NOT take money or free products to push a weight loss product to you. I will give you as many details of what I eat and physical activity as possible. If you brides are like me... you don't want scams, you don't want the nutritional food chain, you don't want to be pushed products that don't work and make you waste your money. You just want something that works!

So, plan on at least once or twice a week hearing from me on my progress! Ladies, keep your fingers crossed... 135lbs - Here I come!

Tara Sue


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