A New Trend? Chalkboard Signage At Your Wedding!

I am in love with this new trend. Although it does not fit the theme of my vintage hollywood wedding - I love the casual and fun feel these signs give your guests. Imagine how much fun these would be. The best part? It's perfectly reusable!

The Knot has a great article you can check out for some fun ideas!

After drooling over photos of brides/grooms and guests with their cute photo props and beautiful signage - I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Just because I can't use the chalkboards doesn't mean I should deprive my fellow brides right?! So - Now available in my etsy shop is a variety of chalkboard related items. Door Hangers, Labels, Place Cards and more!

My tip to you: I love the look of regular chalk but it can be a bit messy. Chalk Ink Pens stay put and wipe off your board with a damp cloth.


Sasha F. said...

Hi! I plan on using chalkboards for my wedding too. I think it's such a cute and crafty way to personalize a venue. :) I found a lot of different shaped chalkboards at my local Michael's art store - all for $1.99! If you have them in your area, stop by and check them out.

BTW, where did you find those chalk ink pens? I've never heard of them before....

(P.S. Greeting from Weddingbee! I found your blog there.)

May 17, 2011 at 7:31 AM

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