Flowers & Cakes ... Oh My! Wedding Week - Part 2

I am exhausted! We had SO many things to get done this week that I don't think we are going to be able to since we are nearing the end of the week already. BUT - 2 of the bigs things are done: Cake & Flowers.

We visited 2 florists and are waiting for price quotes for the bouquets, corsages, boutenniers, alter flowers and cake table (you'll see that below!). Our centerpieces are silk flowers and in my honest opinion - I don't think I saved a dime going this route - but at least the stress of hoping our arrangements turn out right won't be weighing on my mind. I, however, picked the flowers based on their shape and colors without even thinking that my wedding will be in the FALL and I picked all SPRING flowers! So with my main flower being the blush pink peony - I am dreading the price quote to have 300 blush pink peonies imported in from Holland in October. I fell in love with peonies, anna roses, cabbage roses and hydrangeas. And, of course, I have to have cream-colored roses to represent my sorority, Delta Gamma. Below is some examples of the flower colors and styles of flowers I am going with.

We picked out my cake this week! I am so excited! We picked a delicious white cake with whipped buttercream frosting. At first I was 100% sure that I wanted a fondant, ornately decorated cake. We went our first taste testing and I was immediately overwhelmed with the choices. We designed our cake, got our price quote and hopped in the car to figure out what in the world just happened! I wasn't sure if I like the design, the fondant tasted horrible and the cake was too big. (it fed 256 - we are only inviting 209 and have lots of out of towners that won't be able to come!)

My mom and I went home and scoured the internet to look at cakes. After about 2 hours we came across "the one". Sitting on a bed of flowers was a gorgeous rhinestone box and on top of the box was a plain, white cake trimmed with rhinestone cake bands. I LOVED IT! So the next day, we hopped in the car - went to the next cake tasting we set up and fell in love with the soft, spongy cake and airy, not-to-sweet icing. We booked it on the spot!


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