What to wear ... under there! Part 1.

As my wedding looms closer, I have been faced with the inevitable question... what to wear under my wedding dress? (I would love to post pictures but you never know who is looming in the shadows waiting to catch a sneak peek!!!!) Regardless, my dress is not strapless. It is sort of a halter style.
Now my first debate is what sort of bra to wear underneath? The lady at the bridal shop suggested that I wear nothing! *GASP* No Way! In order for me to feel comfortable, I have to strap my girls down! I consider myself having a boyish figure... no waist or hips. The only thing that is girly about my figure is my bust. This is actually the part of me that I am most self conscious about! So as for my bra I have decided on a few and need some help deciding!

This U-Plunge Cami may help create a bit of a waist for me since I don't already have one! The straps are removable.

This one is just a regular bra style. The straps are not removable but can be changed as a halter style. It does come in a nude color.

Lastly, when searching for solutions I found BraStick. It definately peaked my curiousity and looks like it could be a contendor. I just am not sure if I am brave enough to just rely on a sticker to keep my girls perked up!

Now that my girls are lifted and supported, it time to decide on how to tuck my stuff in and create a waist! Let me preface this by saying that I want to look as tiny as possible... Comfort comes in second when it comes to looking good. I know that for some people disagree and that is just fine. I understand. Would I love to be comfortable? Absolutely. It's just not the first priority on my list. SO - if you have a way to make me look tiny and comfortable... then PLEASE share! In the meantime, here are some options I found that may work. All of these are available on http://www.herroom.com/

Just a plain nude waist cincher with thong

A plain waist cincher.
I love this one. It has a pretty, vintage flair to it that may actually be a little sexy as well as flattering?
Plain skirt style that I would wear with a thong or something similar.

I really love the last 2. At least they are pretty as well as flattering! So many decisions and so little time! What are your thoughts? Help me decide! In the meantime... I am off to look at garters and wedding night lingerie!




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