DIY Christmas Ornament - Leftover Invitations

So - I am going through wedding withdrawal. I can't help but feel oddly connected to all of those bits and pieces that are left from my wedding. Extra flowers, candles, cake topper, sashes, etc. Over the past year, I meticulously picked each detail and in a flash it was all over. One of the hardest things for me to get rid of was all of those leftover invitations. Yeah, I kept a couple for scrapbooking but I just couldn't bring myself to throw all of the rest away! So set out on a mission to find an easy (inexpensive) way to use some... throwing them in the trash is just way to hard!!!!!
I happened across Jen's blog: Simcoe Street and found her super easy DIY Ornament tutorial and immediately had to try it out! It was so easy that I made 4 of them in an hour. I plan on keeping one and the other 3 are gifts for our parents.

Now I feel *little * less bad about throwing away about 20 unused invitations! It will be a treasured ornament for many Christmases to come!


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