The Pinterest Movement

I recently found a site that I fell in love with! I mean it is amazing! It is a great way to explore eye candy without leaving a site. But be careful... it's easy to lose track of time. I thought I would take a moment to really explain what Pinterest was. It seems like so many people are already utilizing the benefits of this wonderful site but others have the question: "What is Pinterest?"

Pinterest is a "virtual inspiration board". Yeah - that meant nothing to me either. So let me break it down a bit further.

1) It's free. It costs you nothing. You can sign up and become a "member" OR you can browse for free.

2) If you love crafts, home decor, wedding, cooking, fitness, architecture, history, travel, photography, cars, sports, technology... just to name a few - you can pick one of these that interest you and BOOM! You have access to all sorts of photos, articles, blogs, etc. that "members" have "pinned" for inspiration.

3) If you choose to become a member you can start pinning your own inspirations! After signing up you save the "Pin It" bar to your favorites. As you are searching the web... on any website - you just click the "Pin It" bar on your favorites bar and WAHLA! You have something pinned on your own board.

4) Another great option is to follow friends, family and people with similar interests to see what they pin. It is linked to facebook and twitter so all of your friends will be found automatically for you. (But if you don't like Aunt Milly's cat decor you don't have to follow her pins.)

Take a moment to check out Pinterest ... you won't regret it! And come back by and tell me what you think! :)


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