Wine Tour 2011

This weekend I attended a Wine Tour in Erie, PA. The Lake Erie Wine Trail is so much fun. I have been there once before but did not know that there were so many wineries in one area! There are over 20 wineries going through Erie, PA into New York.
My mother, grandmother, aunt and best friend all traveled to my house and then we were going to tour the wineries. Come to find out... the Harvest Wine Festival was happening so we bought tickets.
I love putting together little momentos of our trips so I made these books to go with our tour.
I printed out the front cover matte and stamped grape vines on before attaching to the hard cover.

Inside conttained a pocket that I made and stamped "my wine". Inside the pocket I added stickers that I made (each with a different color and last name initial) so that when we bought a bottle of wine, we could label it with our sticker so we knew which ones were ours.

The stickers were made using my cricut and adhesive sticker cardstock.

The pages were put in by using my binding maching. I had a list of the wineries that were on the wine trail with the food/wine they were serving. Also inside were "wine tasting notes" so that we could remember where we bought each bottle of wine and how it tasted. It was fun making these and the girls LOVED them! We had a blast at the wineries and then went to a casino that we passed on our way there. It was so much fun and I am glad I got to spend quality time with family!


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