Make Up Gift Bags

I love putting together gifts for people! Lucky for me, I am involved in a lot of things that allow me to come up with cutesy goodie bags often. One of the things I do is teach a high school color guard/dance team. For the competition season, they needed show make up. I am against sharing makeup... too many horror stories that include infections and stuff. Plus what girl doesn't want her own little goodie bag to take to competitions?

Each bag contained: makeup brushes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, cosmetic glitter, lipstick and bath and body works lotion. I asked the girls to provide their own foundation (and blush if they wanted it). It's just too hard to pick out foundation for others... I have a hard enough time with picking out my own!

I was lucky enough to have all of these items in stock in my store. Did I mention that I sell health and beauty items too? Anyway, the only thing I had to purchase was the lotion so for 19 gift bags - I spent a total of $19.00!!!! Not bad for a full gift bag of cosmetics.


Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog, woman!! This is a great idea!


December 31, 2011 at 7:52 AM

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