Groomsman Gifts

UPDATE: My Groomsman Labels have been receiving a lot of attention on multiple websites... including Pinterest. There for I decided to put them in my store for those of you who are interested in purchasing custom labels for your own gifts. I can customize these with different colors and wording according to what you need!

I have a lot to say today! :) On a wedding related note - I wanted to share a Groomsman Gift I put together. I wanted to surprise the guys with a "shot of love" the before the ceremony. I had one of my bridesmaids take these down to the guys' hotel room before we left. It was a great way to let them know that "yes" this was my special day that meant a lot to me but that I didn't plan on taking the day too seriously! It was all about fun! I think it had the effect I was going for... the guys loved them!

I thought my wedding colors were a little too girly so I did a different (but complementing) color combo: ivory, gray and mint green. The tag looks like a vintage movie ticket.

I think these would also make great "party favors" as well. I am thinking about doing something similar to this for a Big New Year's party we are hosting these year. Of course, I will be doing a new design - so stay tuned for that in a few month! :)


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